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Our Mission

We’re Primary Care Physicians For Your Financial Health

How many times have you seen a patient turn to WebMD for answers before they come to you? One quick Google search tells them their abdominal pain is anything from food poisoning to cancer. But you’re the only one who can fully assess their symptoms and give them a detailed treatment plan that leads to long-term success.

Why should your financial health be any different?

All too often we see professionals turn to colleagues or Google for financial advice. But those resources don’t take into account the unique and ever-changing aspects of your life. Challenges like six-figure student loan debt, high tax brackets, and oftentimes delayed savings and investments.

At Impact Medical Advisors, we assess all of these “symptoms” and create a detailed financial plan that gets you in the best financial shape of your life.

We improve your financial health (and help you reach financial independence) by:

  • Reducing your stress.

  • Increasing your savings.

  • Protecting your family.

  • Reducing your debt.

  • Helping you retire with dignity.

We accomplish this mission with our clients through our comprehensive planning process.

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